MonthFebruary 2011

if i were an artist…

Today, on “In the life of a 5th grader,” we look at how a 5th grader finishes this sentence: “If I were an artist…”

…I would take photographs. If I were a photographer I would take pictures of cities. It would be about cities and buildings in cities. I would choose that so I could explore cities.

…I would make sculptures. I like making sculptures. My art would be about the swamp. Also the Civil War. I choose that art because I like it, and it’s interesting.

…I would write music. It would be about candy. I would choose that kind of art because I like music and candy.

…I would choose music and photography. My art would be about everything you can think of!

…I would write music. My art would be about love. Love makes great music and art.

…I would make sculptures. I would make sculptures out of video games. I think sculptures are cool to look at so that’s why I would make sculptures.

…I would take photographs. It would be about animals. I would choose this art because animals are awesome.

…I would write music. I’ve written about 7 songs, but they stink. Love inspires me; it gives me peace of mind. Music is AWESOME.

…I would paint. I love to paint. My paintings would be about anything. Painting is about expressing yourself. And not just painting one thing. Everything.

…I would take pictures. My art will be about basketball. I can relate to basketball.

…I would choose to paint and make beautiful scenery. My scenery would be by a beautiful ocean. And the grass would be tall, and the sand would be wonderful. Maybe throw in a couple of sailboats. I would choose the ocean because it inspires me to do anything!

…I would create paintings. I would make paintings of outer space with the stars, sun, and moon. I would choose that art because I could show people what outer space looks like. Also to show people important information about outer space.

…I would write songs. My art would be about things that happened in my life. I would choose that art because I love music. I like to dance and sing, so I like to write songs.

…I would paint. Not just paint, but I would paint scenery, flowers, and animal life. I would choose that kind of art because I feel that it would express my true feelings about specific people, places, things, and ideas. I also feel that it would show the world who I really am.

…I would sculpt. My art would be about mostly abstract. I chose this kind of art because it’s what I enjoy the most. And my name (Tyler) does mean builder.

…I would take photographs. My art would be about beauty. I want to take pictures of the beautiful, breathtaking sites I can see. I would choose that kind of art to bring beauty to the world.

…I would choose to paint. My art would be about animals. They would be all different animals. I would choose this art because I like to paint animals.

african-american heritage month. and don't you forget it. i mean it.

I know it’s halfway through the month, but I’ve been oddly absent from my blog lately. All the things I want to write about are unformed or too hot-button or my thoughts fizzle out before I can successfully conclude a post. Therefore, I offer you a simple post: an admonition to spend a little time honoring the incredible contributions African-Americans have made to our national history by learning something new. And don’t give me that excuse, “Well, I just don’t think one minority group get a whole month of focus, so I’m not going to give in to political correctness and observe it at all!” Frankly, I find that attitude snotty, self-righteous, and a bit prejudiced. You may feel an entire month’s focus is unwarranted; don’t let that keep you from discovering what decades of segregation and biased history curricula left out of the education system. As I told one student today, I figure a month’s focus on the achievements of African-Americans is but little we can do to make up for 200+ years of slavery and for 100 years of maltreatment and abuse. Take a few minutes to discover one new person, one previously unknown journey, one door of knowledge. Take a few minutes to recognize that no one today can truly empathize with the struggles of blacks before the Civil Rights Act. Take a few minutes to understand why it’s important to go that extra step, to make that extra bit of eye contact, to say “Sir” and “Ma’am.” It will be a worthwhile few minutes, I promise you.

Some resources (articles, photo galleries, and interactive media) you may enjoy:
The History Channel
The History Makers
The Census Bureau
The Smithsonian